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Local Business supporting Local Residents

The changing nature of Vancouver and its neighbourhoods are making it increasingly difficult for local-residents, particularly low-income community members, to live and shop in the places they traditionally call home.

The Eastside Local Card is a way to ensure that the inner city remains an accessible community where all residents have access to affordable goods and services.  Modeled after the Hawaiian Kama’aina card, the Eastside Local Card connects local residents with businesses willing to provide discounts, incentives, or even something as simple as a sense of belonging and welcome in the establishment, specifically that low income shoppers know they are welcome, and won’t be judged

Examples include:

  • Minimum 10 % discount on all store items or selected items or services  (Example – Foodictive)
  • A “Local Card Day” of the week or month – which offers at minimum a 10% discount on selected goods or services (Example – New World Designs)
  • Offering a larger item at a smaller item price (for example offering a large cup of coffee for a small cup price)
  • Card bearer receives specially priced “locals-only” items
    (for instance a special sized smaller-than-usual coffee at a reduced price point)
  • Business is willing to barter light maintenance chores for goods or services

Keeping in mind the above, participating Local Card businesses are encouraged to be creative in how they will participate in the program.  Each participating business receives point of purchase display material, and a listing on this website. As the program grows we hope to highlight and feature supporting businesses for doing good work in the community.

Participating Local Card businesses benefit from a larger customer base, the opportunity to directly improve the lives of local community members, and create more vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods.

To participate in the program, please get in touch with us here. Exchange Inner City is committed to assisting participating businesses in sharing their involvement in the Eastside Local Card program and promoting their commitment to creating neighbourhoods where all residents feel they belong.

Exchange Inner City is a collective organization comprised of over 50 stakeholders working towards a vibrant and inclusive local economy where all residents can prosper and live full and rewarding lives. Members include Local Residents, Hastings Crossing and Strathcona Business Improvement Associations, Social Enterprises, and Non-profits

Exchange Inner City works closely with and is supported by the City of Vancouver.

A primary goal of Exchange Inner City is to create inclusive communities in Vancouver’s inner city, places where all residents feel they belong, have access to goods and services they can afford, and opportunities to work and generate income.