Your Seven Steps to Add Local Business (once you’ve navigated to “Add a New Business” in the top left of the dashboard menu)

  1. Enter the name of the business
  2. Enter description text, be sure to include what the “deals” are close to the top. You could also include info about the business, hours, link to site. You can add an additional images if you wish, but your business logo will appear under the Feature Image section in step 6
  3. Select categories (can be more than one) this filters the map displays this business will appear under. If you need more categories, ask your webmaster!
  4. Make sure your address is as accurate as possible
  5. Verify the address, this should give you a map preview – if you don’t get a map preview, the business will not display.
  6. Add the business logo as a “Feature Image” this will display on maps and listings
  7. Optional add a phone number for the business

That’s it!