Get a Card

Looking for a Local Card?

To obtain a Local Card please visit one of our Local Card distribution sites, listed below. Once there look for the rack of cards along with information materials about the program at the front desk. If you are unable to find the cards, please ask the front desk receptionist for help.

Residents of the Downtown Eastside and surrounding inner city neighbourhoods do not require proof of address. You can just simply ask for a card. Please note that we only allow one card per person.

Your Local Card distributers are located in the following 3 locations:

  • Carnegie Community Centre: 401 Main St., Vancouver
  • RayCam Community Co-operative Centre: 920 E. Hastings St., Vancouver
  • EMBERS Eastside Works: 57 E. Hastings St., Vancouver
  • DTES Neighbourhood House: 573 E. Hastings St. Vancouver
  • Mission Possible: 659 E. Hastings St. Vancouver
  • The Hive Co-working Space: 210-128 W. Hastings St. Vancouver