Gentle Dental

When you present us with your Local Card you will receive a 10% discount to seniors and non-insured patients. 

Gentle Dental offers the full spectrum of basic and cosmetic dentistry in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside community.  Gentle Dental also accepts patients covered under the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation medical services, and does not ask the patient to pay the remaining balance for their services.

Next time you need dental care, consider Gentle Dental, a Local Card member that supports the local community and offers friendly, welcoming services to everyone in the community.

Gentle Dental operates two locations:
189 E Hastings St.
600 E. Hastings St.

189 E Hastings St. St. Vancouver
604-683-3040 for 118 E. Hastings St. location, 604-254-4717 for 600 E. Hastings St.