The Eastside Local Card is a rewards card for local residents in the Downtown Eastside.


As new businesses come into the neighbourhood, many of them seem inaccessible to long time locals. The Local Card is a way for participating businesses to make their goods and services more accessible to local residents.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Exchange Inner City has surveyed the shops and shoppers, residents and businesses in the neighbourhood. We found that many residents reported feeling isolated and excluded by new businesses in the area; and that many businesses were looking for ways to support the local low-income community.

This card is provided at no cost to local residents, and entitles the card bearer to rewards, discounts or special offers as determined by participating businesses. Terms of Service* for both card-holders and participating businesses is rooted in polite, mutual respect.

*Participating businesses retain the right to refuse service, limit quantities, or withdraw offers at any time. Cards have no stored data or value.

Please see the back of your card for full Terms of Service.

The Local Card is generously sponsored by The Downtown Eastside Vancouver Business Directory and the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association.